July 21, 2006
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WADA Takes Athlete Outreach Program to Central American and Caribbean Games

The Central American and Caribbean Games (CAC), hosted this year by Cartagena (Colombia) on July 14-30, is the biggest multi-sport, multi-national event held once every four years in the region.

With over 5,250 athletes from 32 countries, the event provided another ideal backdrop for WADA to reach out to the athletes and raise awareness about anti-doping issues. With a team of six—including Diego Torres, WADA’s Latin American office director, Neil Murrel of Barbados, Andre Collins of Trinidad and Tobago, Dr Sonia Johnson of Grenada, Aura Amaya of El Salvador, and WADA Athlete Outreach Manager Stacy Spletzer—WADA once again was able to speak to hundreds of athletes and officials as part of the WADA Athlete Outreach Program.

Athletes were also asked to sign a large banner to showcase their support for clean sport.


Central American and Caribbean Games 

WADA’s Outreach Program was enthusiastically received by athletes and organizers at the
Central American and Caribbean Games in Cartagena (Columbia) on July 14-21, 2006.