June 2, 2006
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WADA Completely Rejects Vrijman Report

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) today completely rejected the so-called “Vrijman report” submitted to the International Cycling Union (UCI) in relation to the publication appearing in L’Équipe in August 2005 that concluded Lance Armstrong had used EPO during the 1999 Tour de France.

WADA expressed its astonishment that the UCI would expect anyone to have the slightest confidence in the objectivity, methodology, analysis or conclusions of such a report, especially since UCI had had more than six weeks during which to review the draft report and to correct the many factual errors contained in it.

WADA’s preliminary conclusion is that the report is defamatory to the Agency, its officers and employees, as well as the accredited laboratory involved. WADA has taken legal advice regarding its recourses against the investigator and any organization, including UCI, that may publicly adopt its conclusions.

“WADA is an independent agency, comprised of equal representatives from the sports movement and the governments, which is concerned with the integrity of sport and the health of the athletes who practice it,” said WADA’s Chairman Richard W. Pound. “Our only interest in this matter is to determine the facts in an objective manner, whatever they may be. The Vrijman report is so lacking in professionalism and objectivity that it borders on farcical. Were the matter not so serious and the allegations it contains so irresponsible, we would be inclined to give it the complete lack of attention it deserves.”