May 17, 2005
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Clarification about FIFA and the Code

What are Code “Acceptance,” “Implementation,” and “Compliance”?

Once a sports organization accepts the World Anti-Doping Code, it then needs to implement the Code. Code acceptance means that a sports organization agrees to the principles of the Code and agrees to implement and comply with the Code.

Code implementation means that a sports organization amends its rules and policies to include the mandatory articles and principles of the World Anti-Doping Code. Code compliance means that a sports organization has amended its rules and policies and is enforcing them. For more information about the World Anti-Doping Code, click here.

FIFA’s Congress unanimously accepted the Code in May 2004 in Paris, but the organization has not fully implemented it. Despite changes made by FIFA to their medical and disciplinary rules, amendments need to be made for full implementation.

To see these changes to be made by FIFA, click here.