January 29, 2005
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Social Sciences Research Grant Program

WADA, who has identified education as one of its priorities, has created a Social Sciences Research Grant Program to encourage research in the social sciences to obtain information which will enable more efficient doping prevention strategies.

The 2005 competition constitutes a pilot project with a maximum of US$ 60,000 in grants. The future funding of the program will largely depend on the interest expressed by the research community and the quality of the research proposals received during the pilot project. All proposals submitted must be related to one or more of the stated program priorities, assigned on an annual basis to certain topics, research subjects and protocols. This information is detailed in the Guidelines for Applicants document, which can be consulted along with the Call for Proposals in the "Education" section of this website.

WADA awards research grants to organizations of all types (universities, colleges, small businesses, for-profit, etc.). Deadline for submission for the 2005 competition is March 31, 2005. Those interested can contact WADA at info@wada-ama.org.