June 8, 2004
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U.S. and Canada agree to new payment formula

The following is a press release issued today by the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy:

U.S. Increases Support for World Anti-Doping Agency by Agreeing to New Payment Formula

(Washington, D.C.)—Today, John Walters, Director of National Drug Control Policy, announced that the government of the United States has agreed to a formula to pay annual dues owed the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). WADA is the international organization dedicated to combating doping in sport and is governed and funded on an equal basis by the Olympic Movement and world governments. Under the operational statutes of WADA, the United States, Canada, and the remaining countries of the Americas—including Central America, South America, and the Caribbean—are responsible for 29 percent of the $10 million* in funding WADA receives each year from world governments, representing $2.9 million.


With the announcement today by the United States, the United States and Canada together now contribute 75% of the Americas’ $ 2.9 million. Canada will pay 25 percent of the $2.9 million, or $725,000, and the United States will pay 50 percent of the $2.9 million, or $1.45 million.  Following the agreement between the United States and Canada, Director Walters said:

“Since President Bush’s State of the Union challenge to remove steroids from U.S. professional athletics, great strides have been made on this issue.  The agreement between the United States and Canada on a formula to pay our nations’ WADA dues is another important step forward in the ongoing effort to purge performance-enhancing drugs from sport.  When athletes use steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs, they endanger their health, rob competitive athletics of their legitimacy, and set a harmful example for children. The United States fully supports WADA’s important work and will continue to partner with them to accomplish their mission.”

*All figures are in U.S. Dollars.