March 10, 2004
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WADA Statement Regarding Rusedski Decision

The decision to exonerate Greg Rusedski is clearly based on the exoneration of seven ATP players last year who tested positive for nandrolone. The Tribunal related the Rusedski case to the seven previous ones and seems to have accepted the premise that the positive test was also a result of contaminated electrolytes given to the players by ATP trainers.

This decision only exacerbates WADA’s concerns regarding the initial decision taken by the tribunals in the seven previous cases. As we have stated in the past, the decision to exonerate was based on a scientific theory regarding the electrolytes and is not conclusive. The fact that another case has now been adjudicated based on the same premise is greatly disturbing, particularly if it is proven to be incorrect.

WADA will shortly issue a report on the seven positive nandrolone cases. WADA has reached an agreement with ATP to review the facts surrounding these cases and to issue a report.