February 24, 2004
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Statement regarding Dwain Chambers' sanction

Richard W. PoundStatement from Richard W. Pound, WADA’s President, regarding the announcement by UK Athletics of Dwain Chambers’ sanction:

We are pleased that the process has produced this result of a two-year ban, which is in compliance with the World Anti-Doping Code for a first offense for the use of steroids. This is a particularly important decision because a disciplinary committee has now confirmed that THG is, in fact, a banned substance related to a steroid named on the Prohibited List. THG is a steroid created specifically to enhance sports performance and allow competitors to cheat. A two-year sanction for its use is completely appropriate.

Mr. Chambers has the right to appeal but we are very satisfied with this first step and hope it sends a message to other athletes who would contemplate using banned substances or methods. Those who cheat will be caught and will face the consequences.