October 30, 2003
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WADA President meets with French, British Ministers

Discussions focus on Further Cooperation in Anti-Doping Arena

Montreal, October 30, 2003 – The president of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) met this week with the sports ministers from France and the United Kingdom for discussions on future cooperation in the fight against doping in sport and the role their governments can play in further promoting the new World Anti-Doping Code, the Agency announced today.

WADA President Richard W. Pound met with Jean-François Lamour, France’s minister for sport and Richard Caborn, the UK’s sports minister, in Paris and London respectively. The governments of France and the UK are key supporters of the Code and have worked with WADA since the World Conference on Doping in Sport to garner broad support for the document.

In discussion with Pound, both ministers promised to work with UNESCO in drafting an international convention through which world governments can officially accept and implement the Code. UNESCO’s General Conference gave approval earlier this month for the creation of such a convention. Once the convention is in place, governments have requested until the Olympic Games in Italy in 2006 to accept the convention and implement the Code.

In addition, Caborn told Pound he would be meeting with many of the leaders of the Commonwealth nations in the coming weeks and months and would also encourage those that have not already to sign the Copenhagen Declaration, which signals a government’s support for the Code as the basis for the fight against doping in sport. To date, 85 governments have signed the Declaration.

Pound also spoke with Lamour regarding recent leaks of WADA’s Independent Observer Report on the Tour de France prior to its publication, which may have originated from France. Lamour assured Pound of his government’s cooperation in pursuing this matter to ensure that no further unauthorized information would be released.

“I thank Ministers Lamour and Caborn for their help in getting the Code accepted and implemented,” Pound said. “This visit was part of a program of discussions with key supporters of WADA and I am delighted to have had the opportunity to reinforce the close relationship WADA formed with these two governments during the process of making the Code a reality.”

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