July 29, 2003
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WADA Receives Sixty Percent of Funding for 2003

Goal of $7 Million Set by Executive Committee is Reached
Plan for Outreach Program at Pan Am Games Moves Forward

Montreal, July 29, 2003 - The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) announced today that it has now received approximately 60 percent of its funding for 2003. Several governments, whose contributions make up 50 percent of WADA's annual budget, have paid in recent weeks and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has matched those funds dollar for dollar. A list of the countries that have paid and the amounts can be found on WADA's website.

"I am pleased that many of the world governments are now meeting their financial obligations to help in the fight against doping in sport," said Richard W. Pound, WADA's president. "Given that we are to receive our entire budget before the calendar year even starts, receiving only 60 percent of that amount more than half way through the year is not ideal. However, governments have now assured us that they are working to put mechanisms in place for the future so that we can be advised of exactly when their individual contributions will be paid."

By May, WADA had received only 30 percent of its annual budget. The Agency's Executive Committee made the decision at its meeting in June that no further financial commitments would be made by WADA until a further US$ 7 million was paid by governments and the IOC. With the contributions that have come in since June, that $7 million figure has been surpassed. However, Pound cautioned that this does not mean the Agency can carry on with all its planned activities for the year.

"We are still short of funds," Pound said. "WADA is still missing 40 percent of its budget. Until all our stakeholders meet their financial obligations, there will be important work in the fight against doping that we simply cannot do."

Some projects that had been in jeopardy of being canceled will now go forward, including the presence of an Athlete Outreach team at the Pan American Games next month in Santa Domingo. Approximately 5,300 athletes from 42 countries will participate in 35 sports in these games, which are being held for the first time in the Dominican Republic. Through the Outreach program, WADA staff and volunteers reach out to athletes to answer their questions and concerns regarding doping in sport. So far this year, WADA's Outreach team has been present at the Australian Youth Olympic Festival, the European Youth Olympic Festival, Wimbledon, and the South Pacific Games in Suva, Fiji.
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