Gene Doping

Gene doping represents a threat to the integrity of sport and the health of athletes. As the international organization responsible for promoting, coordinating and monitoring the global fight against doping in sport in all its forms, WADA is devoting significant resources and attention to ways that will enable the detection of gene doping.

In March 2002, a workshop on gene doping was organized by WADA at the Banbury Center in New York. Experts, scientists, ethicists, athletes, and representatives from the Olympic Movement and governments examined the issue. In 2004, WADA also created an Expert Group on gene doping. The Expert Group’s task is to study the latest advances in the field of gene therapy, the methods for detecting doping and the research projects funded by WADA in this area.

In December 2005, WADA, in collaboration with the Karolinska Institute and the Swedish Sports Confederation, held a second workshop meeting in Stockholm on the subject.

In June 2008, the Agency organized, in cooperation with the Russian sport authorities, a third expert meeting on genetic enhancement of athletic performance in Saint Petersburg. A feature on the 2008 WADA Gene Doping Symposium held in Saint Petersburg is available in WADA's Play True Magazine's third issue of 2008.

Play True Magazine's first issue of 2005 was dedicated to the topic of gene doping. This publication, as well as an interview, published in 2007 (p. 12 of the magazine), with Prof Theodore Friedmann, Chair of WADA's Gene Doping Expert Group, are available for download.