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5 June 2013 to 6 June 2013

Gene and Cell Doping Symposium - Beijing 2013

Beijing, China

Leading experts in gene therapy, scientists from the field of anti-doping, and sport ethicists joined WADA’s Gene Doping Panel at the Agency’s Fourth Gene and Cell Doping Symposium, held June 5-6 in Beijing to review recent achievements in the field and share the most promising approaches in doping detection under development.

Organized with the support of the China Anti-Doping Agency (CHINADA) and Beijing Olympic City Development Association (BODA), the Symposium attracted more than 70 international participants. Sixteen invited speakers included international experts who either study the latest advances in the field of gene therapy and gene doping detection methods, or are involved in related WADA-funded research projects.

The 2013 Symposium was the first to dedicate a formal session to cell therapy and doping.


Wednesday, June 5 2013

  1. Recent Advancements in Analytical Methods of Drug Detection (M. Thevis)
  2. Genetic and cellular approaches to doping and doping detection (T. Friedmann)
  3. PCR-based Detection of rAAV Vectors in WBCs Transduced Collaterally in vivo: Application to gene doping surveillance (P.Simon and R.Snyder)
  4. Genetic Signatures: Application to EPO Detection (Y. Pistsiladis)
  5. Transcriptional Profiling and Other Methodologies - Potential Application to the Detection of Recombinant Human Growth Hormone (rhGH) (B. Gray and L. Tajouri)

Thursday, June 6 2013

  1. Risk Assessment of Cell Doping in Sport (D. D’Lima)
  2. Application of RNA Interference to Anti-Doping (M. Fedoruk)
  3. Future Societal Perspectives on Gene and Cell Therapies and Human Enhancement (P. Wolpe)
  4. Societal/Policies of Gene and Cell Doping in Sport: Evolution of Anti-Doping Policies Vis-a-vis Science and Societal Changes (M.McNamee)