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4 December 2005 to 5 December 2005

Gene Doping Symposium - Stockholm 2005

Stockholm, Sweden

More than 50 participants from 15 countries attended WADA’s second Symposium on gene doping in December 2005, including geneticists and other biomedical scientists, ethicists, public policy experts, representatives of the International Olympic Committee and the broad international sports community.


Sunday, 4 December 2005

  1. New Trends in Anti-Doping (A. Ljungqvist)
  2. Up-Date on Current Clinical Gene Transfer Studies  - Therapeutic Effects, Adverse Events (T. Friedmann)
  3. Human Training and Skeletal Muscle Gene Activation (C.J. Sundberg)
  4. Vector and Transgene Vector Detection (H. Haisma)
  5. Animal Gene Transfer Models Potentially Relevant to Athletic Performance
  6. Muscle Function:
    I.   L. Sweeney
    II.  G. Goldpink
  7. Energy Utilization:           
    I.   D. Wallace
    II.  R. Evans

Monday, 5 December 2005

  1. WADA Program and Perspectives on Gene Doping Detection (O. Rabin)
  2. Surrogate Markers for Transgene Expression
  3. Global Gene Expression Analysis (F. Labrie, J. Roberts) 
            J. Roberts
            F. Labrie
  4. Proteomic Analysis (J. Yates, C.C. King)
  5. Interim Reports from Recipients of WADA Research Grants (G. Goldspink, T. Friedmann, C. Nohammer, J. Roberts)
  6. T. Friedmann
  7. C. Nohammer
  8. J. Roberts
  9. Potential for Non-Invasive Imaging (K.Zinn)
  10. Policy and Ethical Aspects (T. Murray, A. Miah, E. Juengst, A. Schneider, 
    M.G. Hansson)
  11. T. Murray
  12. A. Miah
  13. A. Schneider
  14. M.G. Hansson