Education & Prevention Tools

The World Anti-Doping Agency offers many different tools to assist stakeholders with their education programs and help them educate target groups with suitable activities. There are tool kits of activities customized for Coaches, Teachers, Program Officers and Sport Physicians, and many different brochures providing anti-doping information. Also, WADA has created interactive computer games such as the Play True Quiz and Play True Youth Quiz, and other tools such as card games. Books and videos exploring numerous subjects related to the fight against doping in sport are also available.

Parents’ Guide to Support Clean Sport

Parents' Guide to Support Clean Sport An anti-doping reference guide/booklet for parents seeking more information to ensure healthy athletic development and prevent the use of performance enhancing substances. This resource is relevant to parents of all levels of athletes from beginner to elite.

Parents play a key role in forming athletes’ attitudes to doping and athletes often turn to them for advice. Topics such as healthy sport cultures, nutrition, the risks of supplements, and doping risk factors are outlined, and links to websites where parents can find further useful information are suggested.

Also available in print edition for distribution in English, French and Spanish.

Dangers of Doping Leaflet

Dangers of Doping Leaflet A simple reference guide that outlines why doping is a concern and the health consequences of doping, including the risks associated with supplements and substances such as: steroids, EPO, stimulants, hGH, masking agents, marijuana and narcotics. (Targets youth 14-18)


At-a-Glance Series

At-A-Glance Series
These are brochures that provide a brief summary of anti-doping procedures that athletes should follow. (Anti-Doping, TUEs, Doping Control, Whereabouts)


Doping Control Process Video

Doping Control Process Video The doping control video provides athletes with basic information about their rights and responsibilities in the doping control process and outlines each phase of the process: athlete selection, athlete notification, sample collection, laboratory analysis, and results management.

Athlete Testimonials

Athlete Testimonials  Current and retired athletes offer their views on sport, doping and anti-doping, based on their experience competing at the highest levels; they discuss the importance of protecting sport for clean athletes.

Play True Quiz

Play True Quiz WADA’s Play True Quiz is an interactive computer game with 10 questions that test knowledge of anti-doping. The Quiz is useful at Outreach events and is currently available in 39 languages.

The Play True Quiz Handouts offer an inexpensive way to provide all of the questions and answers to the Play True Quiz. Every language has a matching hand-out that can be easily photocopied, making it a useful resource for Outreach events.

Play True Youth Quiz

Play True Youth Quiz The Youth Quiz is an interactive computer game targeting younger audiences by providing them with core anti-doping information appropriate for their age. This tool has been featured at the Youth Olympic Games and is currently available in 35 languages.

Play True Challenge

Play True Challenge This is an online game that challenges youth decision-making skills regarding doping in sports. (Targets youth under 19)

Tool Kits

Tool Kits WADA’s Tool Kits contain education material and lessons designed to be adapted and customized by stakeholders to suit their local cultures, conditions, resources, and target audiences. (For Teachers, Coaches, Sport Physicians and Program Officers).


WADA Anti-Doping Card Game

WADA Anti-Doping Card Game This card game is intended for youth. The object of the game is to be the first person to discard all your cards, without being banned for life for doping. (This is available in printable form through the Teacher’s Tool Kit, or sets are available upon request – only cost is shipping fees.)
* Rules and the printable form of the cards can be found in the Teacher's Tool Kit.


Book Track Star! In 2009, WADA partnered with Chooseco, the publishers of the Choose Your Own Adventure series of children’s books, to publish two anti-doping and sport values themed books, Always Picked Last is suggested for readers 8 - 12 years of age while Track Star is suggested for children 12 years of age and older. Books are available in English and French. Anti-Doping Organizations interested in publishing these books in their country should contact WADA directly.

Athlete Reference Guide to 2015 Code

Athlete Reference Guide to 2015 CodeThis guide explains the rules of the World Anti-Doping Code to facilitate understanding. It is not a binding legal document. The language of the Code is the primary source.