WADA Management

Olivier Niggli
Director General
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René Bouchard
Advisor, Government Relations
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Dao Chung
Chief Financial Officer
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María José Pesce Cutri
Director, Latin America Office
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Frédéric Donzé
Chief Operating Officer
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Sébastien Gillot
Director, European Office and International Federation Relations
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Kazuhiro Hayashi

Director, Asia/Oceania Office
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Amanda Hudson
Director, Education
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Catherine MacLean

Director, Communications
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Tom May

Director, Program Development and NADO/RADO Relations
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Rafal Piechota
Director, Office of the President
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Dr Olivier Rabin

Senior Executive Director, Sciences and International Partnerships
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Tim Ricketts
Director, Standards & Harmonization
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Julien Sieveking
Director, Legal Affairs
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Rodney Swigelaar

Director, Africa Office
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Dr Alan Vernec

Director, Medical 
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Günter Younger

Director, Intelligence and Investigations
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