WADA’s e-Learning Tools integrate values-based education that improves understanding and leads to better moral reasoning and decision making. They also provide target groups with needed information about anti-doping. ALPHA is designed for athletes, Coach True for Coaches, Sport Physician’s Tool Kit Online for Physicians, and the University Anti-Doping E-Textbook for university students.


This online program gives athletes information about the dangers of doping and the importance of anti-doping controls and promotes positive attitudes to avoiding doping. The tool shifts the focus from what athletes are not allowed to do, to offering solutions for clean progression in sport.

Coach True

CoachTrue provides anti-doping education for coaches of elite and recreational-level athletes. It has different modules covering all anti-doping processes as well as tutorials, scenario-based activities and quizzes.

Sport Physician’s Tool Kit Online

Sport Physician’s Tool Kit (online) is a streamlined version of the paper based tool kit that allows physicians and other medical personnel to take the course electronically. In addition to covering anti-doping modules specific to sports physicians, there are also three modules covering major games topics, done in collaboration with the IOC. The material contained in the Sport Physician’s Tool Kit (SPTK) is intended to help sport physicians develop anti-doping education programs that can be adapted and customized to suit local cultures, conditions and resources.

The University Anti-Doping Textbook:  Anti-Doping Learning Hub

This textbook is designed to be a comprehensive overview of doping in sport. Its target audience is first year university students who will later be involved in sport in different capacities and disciplines. (Available online in 5 languages.) Lecture materials to assist educators are also available on the platform.

Play True Challenge

This is an online game that challenges youth decision-making skills regarding doping in sport. (Targets youth under 19)