Awareness & Outreach

WADA promotes a social awareness campaign that aims to familiarize audiences with clean sport messages. WADA’s Outreach Program can be used to reach athletes during sports events of all kinds. The Outreach Model was created to provide stakeholders with tools to deliver their own awareness activities.

WADA Outreach Model

WADA Outreach ModelThe Outreach Model is a set of materials to assist ADOs in promoting awareness in the sports community about anti-doping, containing tools and ideas to help educate about protecting clean sport. Outreach activities focus on creating a positive first experience with anti-doping, increasing visibility at events to enhance understanding, and providing an outlet for athletes and support personnel to engage with anti-doping organizations’ staff.  Questions or concerns can then be addressed.  Outreach can help to create positive attitudes towards anti-doping.

Play True Quiz

Play True QuizWADA’s Play True Quiz is an interactive computer game with 10 questions that test knowledge of anti-doping. The Quiz is useful at Outreach events and is currently available in 39 languages.

The Play True Quiz Handouts offer an inexpensive way to provide all of the questions and answers to the Play True Quiz. Every language has a matching hand-out that can be easily photocopied, making it a useful resource for Outreach events.

Play True Youth Quiz

Play True Youth QuizThe Youth Quiz is an interactive computer game targeting younger audiences by providing them with core anti-doping information appropriate for their age. This tool has been featured at the Youth Olympic Games and is currently available in 35 languages.