How can my anti-doping organization implement ADAMS?

ADAMS Training

WADA provides interested stakeholders with remote ADAMS training via the Internet. These sessions are customized to the stakeholder needs, focusing on the ADAMS functionality required for their organisation. Contact us if you are interested in scheduling a training session.

Sign the ADAMS Agreement for the Sharing of Information

The ADAMS Agreement template is available for download for reference purposes only. Please contact WADA to obtain a copy for signature.

Account Information

WADA will provide you with your user account(s), allowing your organization to make full use of ADAMS for your day-to-day anti-doping operations.

Agreement & other documentation

If your organization would like to implement ADAMS, please refer to ADAMS Agreement and other documentation described below.

Agreement for the Sharing of Information

Signed between WADA and Anti-Doping Organizations (ADOs), the Agreement for the Sharing of Information addresses the responsibilities of both organizations in the use of ADAMS and describes the types of information involved and the access rights to them.

ADAMS Legal Statement

Appearing at the time of the initial login by athlete ADAMS users, and available in the header of the ADAMS pages under the “Legal Statement” link, the ADAMS Legal Statement sets out the rules governing the use of ADAMS by athlete users. There is no need to sign this form and/or send WADA a signed copy.

ADAMS Privacy Policy

The ADAMS Privacy Policy is available upon the initial login by athlete ADAMS users, and is available in the header of the ADAMS pages under the “data privacy” link. It is intended to provide athletes and other end users with more information on ADAMS and how personal information will be used in connection with ADAMS. There is no need to sign this form and/or send WADA a signed copy.

Athlete Information Notice

ADOs are obligated to inform athletes and other participants of their processing of personal information under the International Standard for the Protection of Privacy and Personal Information (ISPPPI), including where this processing is carried out using ADAMS. To comply with this obligation, ADOs may use the Athlete Information Notice; however, ADOs may also need to adapt the notice to comply with their obligations under applicable laws. A template Doping Control Form and Athlete Consent Form are also available on WADA’s website to assist ADOs with their obligations in this regard.

Training & User Guides

In addition to the live ADAMS Production environment, WADA offers an ADAMS Training environment, where novice users can practice and become familiar with ADAMS functionality. This Training environment is an exact replica of the Production environment in terms of functionality and behaviour, however it contains mock-data.

Please contact us for remote, customized Internet-based ADAMS training or to request information.

Please note that at this time, we can only provide ADAMS training accounts to WADA stakeholders.

If you have an account for the ADAMS Training environment, login to get started.

The ADAMS User Guides are available from the links: