ADAMS Business Requirements Summary

The following business requirements are part of the scope for Release 4.0 of ADAMS.

Code ISL ISTUE ISPPPI TDSSA 2015 effective start date in ADAMS

2015 Code, IST, ISTUE, ISPPPI and TDSSA related enhancements will come in effect on January 1st 2015 New Zealand time.

ISTI 2015 Article I.3.2: Whereabouts 60-Minutes Testing Slot, Start Time at 5:00 AM

In conformance with the International Standard for Testing and Investigation 2015, article 3.2 of Annex I, ADAMS will allow the start time of the whereabouts 60-Minutes testing slot to start at 5:00 AM instead of 6:00 AM.

Code art.6.4: Lab Menu of methods with prices, visible to ADOs

As per WADA Code 2015 art 6.4, Testing Authorities (IF/NADO/ etc.) will be given the possibility to view WADA Accredited Laboratories analyzing capabilities, methods and prices. 

This information will be available from the Contact info link in the ADAMS header.

ISL art. RMA field Lab result/EQAS/BPLR page

In pursuance of the International Standard for Laboratories 2015 (ISL) clause, the field Result Management Authority will be added to the Lab pages in ADAMS (Lab result/EQAS/BPLR) to allow Labs to report this information.

The Testing Authority field will also become mandatory on the lab form.

On the DCF the Result Management Authority becomes a mandatory field as well.

Code art.2.9 and 2.10: New ADRV categories

In conformance with the Code 2015 - art. 2.9 & 2.10, ADAMS will include two new ADRV-types: Complicity and Prohibited Association.

At the same time the opportunity is taken to re-word the current categories to align them to the terminology and article numbers as stipulated in the Code 2015.

Code art.5.4.2: Sharing TDPs

In accordance with code art.5.4.2, ADO will be able to share their Test Distribution Plans with other ADOs (including WADA).

Code art.2.1.2: Splitting B sample into and B1 & B2 sample

In conformance with the Code 2015 - art. 2.1.2, ADAMS will allow the splitting an athlete’s B sample into two bottles – a B1 & B2 sample – and to allow the Labs to differentiate and to report the results accordingly after their analysis.

ISTUE art.7.0: TUES Recognition / Non-Recognition

In conformance with the ISTUE art.7.0, ADOs will be able to recognize TUEs granted by other ADOs.

ISTUE art.7.0: Request for TUE Recognition

In conformance with the ISTUE art.7.0, Athletes will be able to submit a request for TUE recognition to International Federations or Major Event Organizations through the TUE form.

Retroactive Applications

As per the TUE Application Form template in the ISTUE, the TUE requestor will have the option to indicate if this is a retroactive TUE application. 

A collapsible section will be added immediately under the “Next Competition and Date” box

2015 International Standard for Protection of Privacy and Personal Information

ADAMS data retention policies will be updated in accordance with the ISPPPI 2015.

TDSSA Sports- Disciplines list management

The list of sports/disciplines available in Doping Control Forms will be restricted to the ones in Appendix 1 and 2 of the International Standard for Sport Specific Analysis. It is available for download here.

The field, “Sport/discipline” in Test and DCF forms, will no longer be auto-filled based on the athlete profile information; a manual selection will be required.

WADA is pleased to answer questions or concerns regarding the release of ADAMS Version 4.0.