Social Science Research Projects

The research projects funded by WADA, along with a summary of the research proposal, can be found below.




The effects of permitted forms of performance enhancement on determinants of doping in UK student-athletes
Ian Boardley / UK
Doping attitudes, moral disengagement, and ethical decision-making of young talented athletes: An advanced intervention study
Brigitte Claessens / Netherlands
Social change and doping decision-making: Building a conceptual framework and survey development
April Henning / USA
Psychological aspects of the perception of legitimacy of anti-doping: Systematic review and thematic analysis of the doping literature
Andrea Petroczi / UK

Enhancing Anti-Doping Education Interventions Using Framed Messages
Lindsay Duncan / Canada
From research to application: An evidence-based psychosocial intervention for doping prevention in young athletes
Maria Kavussanu / UK
The interactive effects of moral identity and moral disengagement on doping: An experimental investigation
Nicholas Stanger / UK

Doping in Czech adolescents: Prevalence, correlates and experiences
Jiri Mudrak
/ Czech republic
Development and Validation of the Adolescent Sport Drug Inventory (ASDI) and Factors that Influence Attitudes among Adolescents
Adam Nicholls / UK
A cross-cultural investigation of the effects of coach motivational strategies on athlete doping behaviors: Direct and indirect relations
Nikos Ntoumanis / UK


Dire non au dopage : antécédents et modalités de développement des compétences psychosociales (CPS) chez les sportifs de haut-niveau (Saying no to doping: history and how to develop life skills (CPS) in elite athletes)
Karine Corrion / France

Legitimating the fight: Cross cultural perspectives on anti-doping strategies in the Pacific
Dr. James Connor / Australia

Développement, implantation, et evaluation de l’impact d’un programme de prevention du dopage sportif (Development, implementation and evaluation of the impact of a program of prevention of doping in sport)
Dr. Claude Goulet / Canada

Determinants of performance and performance indicators of national anti-doping organizations
Prof. Werner Jann / Germany

A cross-cultural approach to a cross-cultural issue: Psychosocial factors and doping in young athletes
Dr. Maria Kavussanu / UK

Exploring the processes through which personality traits affect doping responses
Dr. Andrew Levy / UK


Precipitating or prohibiting factor? Examining coaches' perspectives of their role in doping and anti-doping
Dr. Justine ALLEN / UK

Sport intensif à l'adolescence : l'apprentissage de la douleur (Intensive sport during adolescence: learning about pain)
Dr. Thomas BUJON / France

A cross-national longitudinal investigation of the contribution of efficacy belief systems and interpersonnal appraisals on doping use in team sports
Dr. Fabio LUCIDI / Italy

Influencing factors of Chinese adolescent athletes' doping intention and strategy of anti-doping education
Dr. MAO Zhixiong / China

A statistical synthesis of the literature on personal and situational variables that predict doping in physical activity settings
Dr. Nikolaos NTOUMANIS / UK

Nutritional supplement habits and perceptions of athletes with a disability
Dr. Vicky TOLFREY / UK

Analysis of multilevel factors and trnaistions influencing athletes' drug-taking behavior
Dr. Paul WYLLEMAN / Belgium

Effect of the level of physical fitness and game participation on attitudes toward doping of elite U-20 soccer players
Dr. Georgios ZIOGAS / Greece

Reviewing the social science of drugs in sport: Five years on *

Why do athletes say NO! to doping: exploring reasons across sport, age, ethnicity and experience *
Dr. David COLLINS / UK


* Part of the Target Research Program


Project to implement a doping prevention strategy in an educational environment in Ivory Coast
Dr. Dimi Théodore DOUDOU / Ivory Coast

The relationship between mindfulness, psychological well-being, goal orientation and the propensity to use ergogenic aids (legal/illegal)
Dr. Kim NOLTE / South Africa

Team dynamics and doping behavior in elite athletes: a focus on normative processes
Dr. Haralambos TSORBATZOUDIS / Greece

Knowledge, attitudes and practices of coaches belonging to different generations in relation to doping behavior of athletes
Dr. Alexander VANKHADLO / Belarus

Team dynamics and doping in sport: A risk or a protective factor? *
Dr. Paul Dimeo / UK


* Part of the Target Research Program


Prévenir le dopage chez les jeunes en France et en Espagne: approche multidimensionnelle des processus de conduites dopantes
Dr. Dominique BODIN / Université de Rennes 2, France

Anti-doping policies and reasons (not) to dope: a need for diversified prevention strategies?)
Dr. Gertrud PFISTER / University of Copenhague, Danemark

Determinants of intentions for doping in sports in youth: Empirical study and prevention intervention in adolescent athletes (DIDIS-Youth)
Dr. Haralambos TSORBATZOUDIS / University of Thessaloniki, Greece

A national investigation of psychosocial factors facilitating doping in bodybuilders
Dr. Ian BOARDLEY / University of Birmingham, United Kingdom

Death for performance: What would athletes trade-off for success?
Dr. James CONNOR / University of New South Wales, Australia

"If everyone is using, shouldn't I?": perceived norms of anabolic androgenic steroid use among high school athletes
Dr. Jules WOOLF / University of Western Illinois, USA

Doping behaviour, causes and prevention in elite level Kenyan athletes: an empirical investigation
Dr. Paul DIMEO / University of Stirling, United Kingdom (in partnership with the University of Kenyatta, Kenya)

Le dopage en milieu sportif au Burkina Faso : Causes, Connaissances, Attitudes et Pratiques des principales communautés sportives
Dr. Innocent GUISSOU / Université de Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

A national investigation of psychosocial factors facilitating doping in bodybuilders
Dr. Ian BOARDLEY / University of Birmingham, United Kingdom

Preventing doping in sport: An investigation of the attitudes and perceived role of high performance coaches
Dr. Aidan MORAN / University of Dublin, Ireland

Global evaluation of the anti-doping program: proposed by an international federation
Dr. Fabio MANFREDINI / International Biathlon Union, in partnership with the University of Ferrara, Italy


A qualitative examination of knowledge of doping, and motivations and/or deterrents to dope, among American and Canadian elite female triathletes
Dr. Ted BUTRYN / San Jose State University, USA

The relationship between moral code, participation in sport, and attitudes towards performance enhancing drugs in young people
Dr. James Skinner / Griffith University, Australia

The Effect of Negative Health Consequences Information on Likelihood to Use Anabolic Steroids: An International Investigation
Dr. Tonya DODGE / Skidmore College, USA

A study of surroundings influence on attitude towards and behaviour regarding doping among Ukrainian athletes and non-athletes
Dr. Dmitriy BONDAREV, / Sevastopol National Technical University, Ukraine

Markers of transition phases in assisted performance enhancement in emerging young athletes
Dr. Andrea PETROCZI / Kingston University, UK

Learning about psycho-social determinants of doping behaviour through the testimony of sanctioned athletes
Dr Mattia PIFFARETTI / UAC&T Consulting, Switzerland

Enhancing coaches’ confidence in confronting athletes who are suspected of doping
Dr Philip SULLIVAN/ Brock University, Canada

Exploring the application of social media in influencing the attitudes and behaviours of young athletes towards doping *
Dr Jon BATTERHAM / Edcoms, UK


* Part of the Target Research Program


Prevention through Education - A Review of current International Social Science Literature *
Dr. Susan BACKHOUSE / Leeds Metropolitan University, UK

Determinants of Intentions for Doping In Sports
Dr. Haralambos TSORBATZOUDIS / Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece

Doping prevalence among high School students in Ukraine: a study of Knowledge attitudes and behaviour
Dr. Dmitriy BONDAREV / Sevastopol National Technical University, Ukraine

Measurement Tool for estimating the prevalence of doping: development and validation of a self-report measure of performance enhancing drug use *
Dr. Andrea PETROCZI / Kingston University, UK

Under 23 Cyclists' openness to doping: understanding the causes of doping behaviour among American junior road cyclists with professional aspirations
Dr. Brian GILLEY / University of Vermont, USA

Analysis of Knowledge and social awareness of doping and prevention among athletes in CÓRDOBA (Argentina) and the preventative approach
Dr. Elsa Clara CORBELLA / Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Argentina

A Sociocultural Analysis of Doping and Gender
Dr. Charlene WEAVING / St. Francis Xavier, Canada

Incorporating Parents in the Anti-Doping Fight: A Test of the Viability of a Parent-Based Prevention Program *
Dr. Tonya DODGE / Skidmore College, USA

The effects of moral reasoning educational program on the moral judgement indicators of athletes participating in elite collegiate sports
Dr. Amukela GWEBU / University of Iowa, USA


* Part of the Target Research Program


Boosting in elite athletes with high spinal cord injury: awareness, knowledge and attitudes of athletes, coaches and trainers
Dr. Yagesh BHAMBHANI / University of Alberta, Canada

Les facteurs psychologiques et sociaux de risque et de protection vis-a-vis du dopage
Dr. Jean BILARD / Université Montpellier 1, France

Medical Doctors and Doping in Sport: Attitudes and Experience in Balkan Region - 8 Countries Study
Dr. Nenad DIKIC / Anti-Doping Agency of Serbia, Serbia

Risk Factors within Doping Behavior Related to Personality Structure and Social Environment of the Athletes
Dr. Graziela VAJIALA / National Anti-Doping Agency of Romania, Romania

Compliance to the World Anti-Doping Program: A Status Evaluation of National Sport Organizations in Hong Kong
Dr. Lena FUNG / Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong


International Literature Review: Attitudes, Behaviours, Knowledge and Education – Drugs in Sport: Past, Present and Future
Dr. Susan BACKHOUSE / Leeds Metropolitan University, UK

Parcours de consommation de produits dopants de sportifs appelant un service d’aide téléphonique
Dr. Jean BILARD / Université Montpellier 1, France

Intermediate and high school students' attitudes toward and behavior regarding steroids and sports supplements use: The mediation of clique identity
Dr. Roger REES / Adelphi University, USA

Performance-enhancing drug-use among amateur sportsmen and women in Cameroon: A study of knowledge, attitudes and practices
Dr. Emmanuel Chia KIAWI / African Research Institute for Development (AFRID), Cameroon

Social Psychology within the anti-doping area: baseline statistics and profiles of athlete’s attitude and knowledge
Dr. Ingemar WEDMAN / International Doping Test & Management (IDTM), Sweden


The impact of changes to the Prohibited Substance List on use of over-the-counter medication by athletes
Dr. Neil CHESTER / Liverpool John Moores University, UK

The development and validation of a doping attitudes and behaviour scale (DABS)
Dr. Aidan MORAN / University College, Ireland

The relationship between goal orientation and attitudes toward doping in sports. Knowledge about and attitudes toward doping among Polish athletes
Dr. Krzysztof SAS-NOWOSIELSKI / Academy of Physical Education, Poland

Socialisation secondaire et intériorisation des normes de dopage en cyclisme sur route : le cas de la Belgique, de la France et de la Suisse
Dr. Fabien OHL / Université de Lausanne, Switzerland