Education Initiatives

The World Anti-Doping Agency offers many different tools to assist stakeholders with their education programs and help them educate target groups with suitable activities. There are tool kits of activities customized for Coaches, Teachers, Program Officers and Sport Physicians, and many different brochures providing anti-doping information. Also, WADA has created interactive computer games such as the Play True Quiz and Play True Youth Quiz, and other tools such as card games. Books and videos exploring numerous subjects related to the fight against doping in sport are also available.

WADA has a range of educational initiatives to support the Anti-Doping Community.

1. Research Policy

  • Education Policy – development and monitoring of the International Standard for Education, including support to stakeholders through the Guidelines for Education.
  • Social Science Research – leading and implementing WADA’s social science research program in line with the Social Science Research Strategy.

2. Digital Learning 

Leading the development and implementation of digital education programs and resources for the clean sport community to access and use via our Anti-Doping Education and Learning platform (ADEL)

3. ADO Capability Support

  • Code Implementation Support Program (CISP) – Dedicated support program for ADOs, across all technical areas of anti-doping, to help them implement the 2021 Code and International Standards.
  • Global Learning and Development Framework (GLDF) – Introducing professional standards, competency frameworks and training for ADO practitioners, investing in and supporting their professional development in their roles.
  • Global to Local – Creating connections between WADA HQ and our regions for the purposes of education and training, including promotion of our available digital learning tools and programs for ADOs.

Athlete Testimonials

Athlete Testimonials  Current and retired athletes offer their views on sport, doping and anti-doping, based on their experience competing at the highest levels; they discuss the importance of protecting sport for clean athletes.