Independent Observer Program

WADA's Independent Observer (IO) program helps enhance athlete and public confidence at major events by randomly monitoring and reporting on all phases of the doping control and results management processes in a neutral and unbiased manner.

The IO Program was launched at the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney, at the invitation of the International Olympic Committee. During the Games, a 15-member IO Team observed the doping control and results management processes and, following the Games, the team published a report certifying that the doping control procedure had been conducted properly and suggesting areas for improvement.

This successful mission resulted in growing interest among International Sports Federations (IFs) and major event organizers who began to invite WADA’s IO program to monitor their events’ doping control. Since 2000, WADA IO teams have participated in approximately 30 major events including IAAF World Championships, Mediterranean Games, Commonwealth Games, the Tour de France, and the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

To read the reports from these missions please consult the Download Center of the Reports section.