Teacher's Tool Kit

The Teacher’s Tool Kit contains a series of lesson plans and activity ideas that can be used by teachers to educate young people about the issue of doping in sport in the formal education system.

Users are encouraged to customize the activities to meet their specific local needs, as well as to reflect examples of sports and athletes that are popular locally.

The current material is divided into two modules.

  • The Youth Module is intended to be used with students 10-12 years of age and focuses on the harm cheating – and therefore doping – does to the ethical values of sport.
  • The Teen Module is intended to be used with students 13-16 years of age and focuses on the harm of doping from an ethical and health consequences perspective.

Sports values and anti-doping are used as themes for inclusion within areas of the curriculum that are already being taught and to encourage the development of life-long learning skills.

Accessing the Teacher’s Tool Kit

The Teacher’s Tool Kit can be downloaded in its entirety (in PDF and/or Word format) from WADA's Digital Library - Teacher's Tool Kit. For all other requests concerning the Tool Kit, please contact us at info@wada-ama.org.

Acceso al Maletín para Maestros (versión en español)

El Maletín para Maestros  puede ser descargado en su totalidad (en PDF y/o formato Word) en la Biblioteca Digital de la AMA – Maletín para Maestros. Para otras consultas relacionadas con los maletines educativos, por favor contáctenos en info@wada-ama.org