Program Officer's Tool Kit

As with a real ''tool kit,'' the material contained in the Program Officer’s Tool Kit is intended to provide the tools needed to build an anti-doping education program.

You are encouraged to adapt the tools your specific program needs and reproducing them so that they may be shared as widely as possible with other anti-doping program officers within your region. 

The Tool Kit contains:

  • Ready-to-use PowerPoint presentations
  • One to two page factsheets

The following modules are included:

  1. Factsheets: WADA, the Code, Who is Who in Anti-Doping?
  2. World Anti-Doping Program (targeting sport administrators)
  3. What Do You Need to Know? (targeting elite athletes)
  4. Supporting Doping Free Sport
  5. Doping Control Procedure
  6. Ethical Issues: Why Fight Doping?
  7. Health Consequences of Doping
  8. Prohibited List Overview
  9. Play True Quiz

Accessing the Program Officer’s Tool Kit

The Program Officer’s Tool Kit can be downloaded in its entirety (in PDF and/or Word format) from WADA's Digital Library - Program Officer's Tool Kit. For all other requests concerning the Tool Kit, please contact us at

Acceso al Maletín para Oficiales de Programa (versión en español).

El Maletín para Oficiales de Programa puede ser descargado en su totalidad (en PDF y/o formato Word) en la Biblioteca Digital de la AMA – Maletín para Oficiales de Programa. Para otras consultas relacionadas con los maletines educativos, por favor contáctenos en