Sport Physician's Tool Kit

As with a real ''tool kit'', the material contained in the Sport Physician’s tool kit is intended to help sport physicians develop anti-doping education programs which can be adapted and customized to suit local cultures, conditions and resources.

You are encouraged to adapt the tools to your specific program needs and reproduce them so that they may be shared as widely as possible with other sport physicians within your region. 

The Tool Kit contains:

  • Ready-to-use PowerPoint presentations
  • Short articles
  • Case studies to test your knowledge

The following modules are included:

1. Introduction
2. Doping and Sports Medicine Ethics
3. Health Consequences of Doping
4. The Doping Control Process
5. The Prohibited List and TUEs
6. Performance Enhancement without Doping
7. Athlete’s Biological Passport
8. An Introduction to Gene Doping
9. Practical Issues – Case Studies

Accessing the Sport Physician’s Tool Kit

The Sport Physician’s Tool Kit can downloaded in its entirety (in PDF and/or Word format) from WADA's Digital Library - Sport Physician's Tool Kit. For all other requests concerning the Tool Kit, please contact us at