Dangers of Doping Leaflet

In response to the need to provide athletes with information regarding the health risks associated with doping, WADA has developed a simple reference guide, in the way of a leaflet, outlining the health consequences of using doping substances.

The Dangers of Doping: Get the Facts leaflet, specifically targeting young people 14-18 years of age, addresses why doping is a concern beyond being against the rules of sport, including the risks associated with using supplements, as well as the health consequences associated with specific substances (including steroids, EPO, stimulants, hGH, masking agents, marijuana and narcotics).

The leaflet is currently available in Arabic, Chinese, Czech, English, French, German, Greek, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish. The English version can be found in the Download Center. Please consult the Other Languages section to access the leaflet in any of the other languages.

For information regarding co-branding or translating the leaflet, please contact us at info@wada-ama.org