Doping Control Officer Training's Tool Kit

The Doping Control Officer Training Tool Kit is intended to assist anti-doping organizations (ADOs) with the training of doping control officers (DCOs). The Tool Kit outlines the theoretical background and practical skills necessary to meet all requirements of the Code, the International Standard for Testing (IST) and the Guidelines for Urine Sample Collection.

The Tool Kit contains material to assist with the facilitation of a DCO training workshop, including details on all aspects of the doping control process, a presentation and practical and theoretical evaluation tools, as well as a manual for the trained DCOs.

  • Facilitator Guidelines – to be used by the facilitators (i.e. trainers), this contains the DCO Manual; guidance on how to organize a workshop; and helpful notes to assist the facilitator in the delivery of the training workshop.
  • DCO Manual – to be handed out to the Doping Control Officers, this contains all of the procedures and processes that the DCOs are expected to follow.
  • Presentation – this contains PowerPoint slides for the entire DCO Training Workshop.

The Tool Kit is based on material developed and used during the training of DCOs for various Regional Anti-Doping Organizations (RADOs). Each anti-doping organization who uses the Tool Kit may want to revise the content to meet their individual needs.

Accessing the DCO Training Tool Kit

The DCO Training Tool Kit can downloaded in its entirety (in PDF and/or Word and PowerPoint format) from WADA's Digital Library: 

Facilitator Guidelines
DCO Manual (User Guide)

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