Coach’s Tool Kit

Coach's Tool Kit 

The purpose of the Coach’s Tool Kit is to provide anti-doping organizations, coaching associations and universities with material that can be integrated directly into existing coach education curriculum or used as a stand-alone workshop.

Coaches of elite athletes

The Elite Coach Section provides essential anti-doping information for coaches presented through case studies, as well as activities that encourage coaches to consider their decision-making process when presented with ethical dilemmas. The workshop is designed so that most of the content is delivered interactively, with short presentations followed by scenario analyses and problem-solving for group discussions. This interaction allows coaches to increase awareness of their roles and responsibilities with respect to doping-free sport and increase knowledge of applicable regulations and how these issues are relevant to their daily interaction with athletes.

Coaches of young or recreational athletes

While the Youth Coach Section of the Tool Kit presents a basic overview of anti-doping topics, with a strong emphasis being placed on the role values play in shaping decision-making, the focus of the workshop is for coaches to work through a series of activities that can then be replicated with young athletes.

Accessing the Coach’s Tool Kit

The Coach’s Tool Kit can be downloaded in its entirety (in PDF and/or Word format) from WADA's Digital Library: 

Coach's Tool Kit (Elite)
Coach's Tool Kit (Recreational)

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Acceso al Maletín para Entrenadores (versión en español)

El Maletín para Entrenadores puede ser descargado en su totalidad (en PDF y/o formato Word) en la Biblioteca Digital de la AMA:

Maletín para entrenadores (de deportistas de élite)
Maletín para entrenadores (de jóvenes deportistas)

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