Social Science Research

WADA is committed to improving evidence-based doping prevention strategies through social science research.

Understanding the fundamental differences between athletes who choose to compete clean and those who resort to doping or why some athletes decided to dope – despite being well aware of the harmful effects of doping and of anti-doping rules - will assist in ensuring that doping prevention strategies are effective and efficient.


Social Science Research Grant Program

WADA’s Social Science Research Grant Program was created to ensure that preventive anti-doping education programs were designed using an evidence-based approach. Since the creation of the Program in 2005, 64 projects have been funded awarding close to US$ 2 million.

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Target Research Program

To further ensure effective doping prevention strategies, WADA’s Education Committee identifies specific areas that they feel require additional evidence in the way of social science research.

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Researcher’s Directory

As part of the development strategy of its Social Science Research Grant Program, WADA created the Researcher’s Directory, which has two main objectives:

  • To develop a global network of researchers whose work focuses on the social sciences side of anti-doping; and
  • To increase visibility and awareness of social science research being conducted/published on anti-doping related topics

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Funded Research Projects

This section includes the summary or the research report  of all the WADA funded research projects since 2005.

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