Say No To Doping!

Say NO! to Doping is an awareness campaign for organizations to unite behind in their support for doping-free sport. Download the Say NO! to Doping leaflet now!

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To ensure that the Say NO! to Doping campaign is easy to implement with high impact, WADA will provide:

  • Marketing brochure which further outlines the campaign.
  • Mock-ups and templates of materials, banners and other promotional items using the logo.
  • Visual examples of marketing booths and displays.
  • On-going ideas and communication from experienced WADA staff, including education experts, who can help further build your education strategy.

Partnering with WADA on the Say NO! to Doping Campaign will also give you access to all of its social media networks to further promote your messages on the global stage.

To sign up to the Say NO! to Doping campaign, please send your request to

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Download the Say NO! to Doping leaflet now!

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