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Regional Offices

Regional offices are a key element to WADA's fight against doping in sport, increasing understanding and facilitating implementation of the World Anti-Doping Code (Code).


These offices carry out a number of duties in conjunction with the staff in Montreal, aimed at furthering WADA's vision of promoting a doping-free culture in sport.

All regional offices share a number of core roles and responsibilities, including:

  • liaising with stakeholders in their respective regions;
  • actively promoting WADA and its mission;  
  • coordinating projects such as those related to education, communications and the implementation of the Code.

The regional offices are in the best position to identify and understand the needs of their individual regions and have great responsibility in ensuring that WADA’s work is best tailored to suit these needs.

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Historical Background

When WADA was established in Lausanne, Switzerland, in November 1999, stakeholders always intended to ensure that its mandate would be global. As an international organization, WADA has an obligation to serve all its constituents in all regions of the world.

WADA's Foundation Board agreed, in 2001, to move the Agency's headquarters to Montreal, Canada. The Board Members also agreed that regional offices in other parts of the world were necessary to facilitate the Agency's work and communication with stakeholders on a grassroots level.

In April 2002, when the Agency's headquarters were moved to Montreal, an office remained in Lausanne to serve the European Region. In November 2003, similar offices were set up to serve the Asia/Oceania Region (based in Tokyo, Japan) and the African Continent (based in Cape Town, South Africa). A Latin American Regional Office was launched in 2005 in Montevideo (Uruguay).