Rev. Dr. Makhenkesi Arnold Stofile

 Vice President

On November 15, 2013, the final day of the Fourth World Conference on Doping in Sport in Johannesburg, South Africa, Rev. Dr. Makhenkesi Arnold Stofile was elected by the Foundation Board as WADA’s new Vice President, representing Governments. His three-year term began on January 1, 2014.

Reverend Stofile has enjoyed a long-lasting career in sports and politics.

A keen sportsman in his youth through rugby, cricket and athletics, he began his career working in Higher Education, lecturing in Systematic Theology and Comparative Religions before going on to hold the position of Director of University Development at the University of Fort Hare.

Having joined the African National Congress in 1958, he went on to assume a number of presidential roles for sporting bodies over the next three decades. He was President of the South Eastern Districts Rugby Union from 1975-1982, the Victoria East Council on Sport from 1979-1986, Deputy President of the National Council for Sport from 1990-1994 and 1st Deputy President of the South African Rugby Union from 1990-1992.

In politics, he became the African National Congress Chief Whip following the democratic elections in 1994, a position he held until his appointment as Premier of the Eastern Cape Government three years later. He was Minister of Sport and Recreation from 2004-2010. Stofile is now the South African Ambassador to Germany, a position he has held since 2011.

He has long been a committed supporter of anti-doping. In 1998 he became a volunteer educator on the Dangers of Drugs in Sport in the Eastern Cape, and since 2004 he has promoted anti-doping interest and work among African leaders and in the Supreme Council for Sport in Africa. He served on the WADA Executive Committee and Foundation Board from 2004 -2010.

He studied towards a master’s degree in Theology at the University of Fort Hare, and obtained a Master of Arts from Princeton University in 1983. He was awarded the D. Phil. (h.c.) and the D. Theology by the Universities of Port Elizabeth (Nelson Mandela) and Fort Hare respectively.

Reverend Stofile is an ordained minister of the Uniting Presbyterian Church in Southern Africa.