SMS Service

How does the SMS-service work and how to set it up?

The SMS-service facilitates and makes it simple for athletes to submit Whereabouts last-minute updates using a mobile phone, smart phone, or PDA.

How it works:
An athlete enters a short message describing his or her change of plans and sends this via SMS directly to ADAMS using a “virtual” mobile number. Upon receipt, ADAMS files this message in the athlete’s Whereabouts calendar as determined by the athlete’s mobile telephone number. This message will be considered as a change to whereabouts and will be added as an attachment to today in the athlete’s whereabouts calendar. A “SMS Whereabouts Notification” is automatically sent to the anti-doping organization’s Whereabouts coordinator indicating that an SMS message has been received from the athlete. The notification contains a link to the received message. When the Whereabouts coordinator opens the notification, the athlete’s record will be automatically retrieved and the corresponding month’s Whereabouts calendar will be displayed on the screen. The Whereabouts coordinator will update the athlete’s calendar as instructed by the SMS text message.

How to enable SMS for an athlete?

An athlete can activate and configure his account to accept SMS messages from one or more mobile phones. This is done by placing a [Use SMS] checkbox next to each mobile phone number in an athlete’s profile. Make sure to include the country code in the phone number!
Examples of proper telephone numbers:
□ 15145551212 (North America)
□ 334123456 (France)
□ 447781555666 (United Kingdom)
When the athlete saves his or her mobile number, a [Test] button will appear next to it. Clicking on the [Test] button will trigger a message to be sent from ADAMS to the athlete’s mobile phone. The message will instruct the athlete to send a three-digit number to an SMS number owned by ADAMS. A new message must be sent (don’t use Reply) with the 3-digit code in the body of the text. The athlete has a limited amount of time (e.g. 24 hour) to respond to this message before it expires and another test must be sent.  Once the athlete responds with the correct code, the configuration is considered valid, and the athlete may then send Whereabouts updates to ADAMS by SMS.

The athlete (or ADO) can disable inbound SMS on the account at any time by editing the athlete profile and un-checking the [Use SMS] checkbox. If this is done, and the athlete wishes to re-enable SMS, then the validation procedure described herein must be followed again.
The athlete may re-initiate the validation procedure at any time if they suspect that there are problems with SMS messages going through the mobile network.
SMS phone number:
- ADAMS Production ( :+44 7781 480710
- ADAMS Training ( : +44 7781 480724

What is the rate of an SMS message to send to ADAMS to modify the whereabouts?  Is it international or national rate?

There is no cost for using SMS in ADAMS per se.  However, the athlete might incur costs from their wireless carrier.

The ADAMS SMS number is in the United Kingdom (+44 7781 480710).  The athlete should therefore contact their wireless carrier and find out what their rate is to send SMS messages to an international number.

Also for your information, we have been informed of cases when international SMS messages do not always reach their destination.  This appears to be a reliability issue with some wireless carriers.  The athlete might therefore want to inquire about the reliability of their carrier and perform a few tests before committing to a service plan.